Cambridge East School


WHAT DOES the PTA Do?   

Did you know that the PTA is made up of many parents, teachers and volunteers who help Cambridge East school and it's students every day

Here is a list of just some of the things the PTA have done for the school recently:

- 2020: Supply Sandpit buckets, Help buy sporting equipment for the school, Supply a new sound system for the school hall, Supply lucky book club vouchers for assemblies, Part fund the Kapa Haka outfits

- 2021: Year 6 Dinner Snacks, Year 5 leavers book, Jump Jam tee-shirts, $3000 subsidy to the Beach Ed Trips, $17,500 of Laptops and iPads, Lunches in Need, Sandpit Toys, $2500 of Duplo coding, Te Puna Bus Trip, Trees for Survival set up

Some of our fundraising activities we do:

- Sausage Sizzles every 2nd Wednesday of term

- Pizza Friday's (Varying dates throughout each term)

- Oxford Pies  (Varying dates throughout the year)

Entertainment Books (2021-2022)

- Ice Blocks at lunchtime 

- Scholastic Books (orders are taken throughout the year)

- Calendar Art (this is always in Term 4)

- Nothing Naughty Bars (Varying dates throughout the year)

- Disco's 

- Amber Nursery fundraiser

- Feast on the Field

- Quiz Nights 

- DIY Garage Sale

We always welcome new families, so if you'd like to get involved (even if it's 1hr a month), please email the PTA on: