Cambridge East School

Board Of Trustees



Message from the Chairman

The Board of Trustees extends a warm welcome to all new parents/caregivers and students to our school. Cambridge East provides a well balanced education catering for all students needs by very competent and professional teachers. The Board meets monthly in the school staffroom and encourages parents/caregivers to attend. The date and time of each meeting is in the school newsletter and at the commencement of each meeting there is an open forum for parents or students to raise any issues with the Board. I would encourage all parents or caregivers to volunteer their time to the Board or PTA for a term. Sure, at times it is hard work but extremely rewarding and allows you to understand the processes involved in providing a well balanced education for your child.

Wayne Maher


Board of Trustee members June 2019 to June 2022

Wayne Maher (

Rachel Wallis

Amanda Abbott

Matt Clarke

Paul Gascoigne

Roger Scott

Hamish Fenemor (Principal) 

Helen Edwards (staff rep)