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Happy New Year!!!

I hope that everyone is enjoying our good old fashion summer that is certainly making up for the spring that we had.  Welcome to Cambridge to those new people who have moved into the area and welcome back to our many families to the 2015 school year.

Our first day for 2015 is Monday 2nd February with the school starting at normal time of 9.00am.  For those people who wish to pop into the office before school goes back, Marion will be in on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (28th - 30th January) of the week before school goes back.  We will be here to help with enquiries, especially new enrolments.

School Painting - for those who have been past the school you would have noticed contractors working away on washing, touching up and in some areas, completely repainting the buildings.  The contractors are working hard to complete all areas before school goes back with the last block Rooms 1-4 and 5, currently being washed ready for repainting.

If you require any information before school goes back, please email Hamish Fenemor - or leave a message on (07) 827 7651

Facebook Page

 The school now has a Facebook page to help keep parents and caregivers in the loop.  Please visit our Facebook page and like us, as this will mean you will receive our latest posts automatically.  It is an effect way of communicating quickly with our community. Click on the Facebook logo below to go to our Facebook Page.

  Welcome To  Cambridge East
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School Motto
"Always My Best"
Welcome to Cambridge East Mr Fenemor 
 We want our students to become:
Effective communicators

Self motivated learners
Inventive thinkers
Respectful citizens
And have a "can do" attitude

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